05/05/2016 - Stanton GoodLife Recovery LP is backed by business partner Everlert Inc.

Everlert, Inc. (OTC:EVLI), an innovative entertainment and real estate company, announced a partnership with Goodlife Recovery. 

Everlert, Inc. is a provider of strategic management and structured financing services headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles and focused on the two most prominent business sectors in Southern California: Entertainment and Real Estate.

The Company provides entertainment related services and projects through its wholly owned subsidiary, Everlert Entertainment Inc. The Entertainment group's primary objectives are to provide management services, develop and acquire new entertainment content, and provide structural financing solutions to targeted entertainment projects.

Everlert is planning on creating real estate opportunities as a developer and operator of a senior assisted living facility in the Inland Empire region of Southern California through Everlert Properties, Inc., another wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.

Everlert's objective is to further develop the entertainment and real estate divisions through the support of Everlert Finance, Inc. This segment is focused on providing consumer financial services.

For more info contact us direct or visit Everlert online: http://www.everlertinc.com